Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beyonce and Jay are Vegans...?

Yesterday, many health related blogs were all a buzz about the "partially vegan" diet that Beyonce & Jay-z are said to be following,  According to US Weekly, a source close to the superstar couple has confirmed that they are now eating a "partially vegan" diet in an effort to stay healthy because they are expecting their first child very soon.
I think this is dope... but is it true?
I reached out to some of my friends who are close to Jay-z & Beyonce, to see if there is any truth to this report.  According to one source who recently dined with the couple, "they all ate meat"

This doesn't mean the report isn't true because a "partially vegan" diet could include meat. Either way, I am sure Beyonce is eating the finest foods known to man in anticipation of their first child. 

I also think that it's cool if they are following a partially vegan diet because it serves as a perfect example that you can tailor your diet to your own personal needs and health concerns and don't need to be too concerned with labeling. 

We here at continue to wish Jay and Bey the best!

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